.458 SOCOM 




Factory Loaded .458 SOCOM Ammunition is available from SBR Ammunition
SBR Ammunition is the leading manufacturer of 458 SOCOM ammunition.

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The .458 SOCOM is a large cartridge designed for M4, AR15, and M16 weapons systems. All that is required is a specialized upper receiver assembly that supports the large .458 SOCOM cartridge. The same standard 5.56mm magazine can be used without any modifications.  In many aspects, the .458 SOCOM has similar ballistic to the 45-70 Government cartridge, but has a wider range of loading and bullet configurations, from 87 gr hyper-velocity to 600 gr subsonic.

The .458 SOCOM was developed by Teppo Jutsu, LLC to address the need from US Special Operations for a cartridge with greater stopping power in close combat situations and still utilize the M4 lower receiver.

Southern Ballistic Research, LLC (aka - SBR). www.SBRammunition.com
  • Leading manufacture of 458 SOCOM Ammunition
  • Reloading Components for the 458 SOCOM
  • Title II Research & Development of 458 SOCOM systems include sound suppressors, short barrel, and full-automatic weapons in 458 SOCOM caliber. (NFA Rules Apply)


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